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Agriculture Marketing

Kiranashops.com is a plotform where farmers regularly gather for the purchase and sale of provisions. Now farmers can sell their produce directly to end consumer. It will be catering to almost all the needs of the agriculture fraternity where they will find all commodities/ items.

India is an agricultural country and one third population depends on the agricultural sector directly or indirectly. As food being essential need of mankind, much emphasis has been on commercializing agricultural production.

Agricultural marketing is mainly the buying and selling of agricultural products. In earlier days when the village economy was more or less self-sufficient the marketing of agricultural products presented no difficulty as the farmer sold his produce to the consumer on a cash or barter basis. Today's agricultural marketing has to undergo a series of exchanges or transfers from one person to another before it reaches the consumer.

Farmers seek higher prices for their produce, and protection from price fluctuations. They may also work to open up new markets or channels, such as selling directly to consumers instead of through producers.

The farmer's interest is focused on getting the best return from his produce, which usually equates to maximum price for unlimited quantities.